Tips to solve earplugs by earwax

1. Avoid using your fingers to remove the earwax because the only thing you will cause is pushing it further into the ear canal and making the problem worse.

2. In no way do you use swabs or ear swabs, like your fingers, all you cause is to push the earwax further into the ear canal and even with the risk that the cotton swab will come off and stay inside the ear, making the situation worse.

3. Go to your ear or trusted doctor, so that he or she will value your ear and know the step to take to remove it.

4. By applying a few special drops to the ear which is covered, we shall wait a few minutes while the drops perform their function and thus release and fragment the earwax so that it can leave the ear canal; This is the optimal and recommended form at the time of ear plugging by cerumen.

It must be understood that earplugging can be generated either because a person produces more wax than he or she is able to remove, or the earwax has hardened in the outer ear canal and a plug has formed, leading to decreased hearing, feeling of blocked ear, pain.

It is important to clean the earwax that has come out on the outside of the ear, without introducing anything inside. And for people who produce cerumen more than normal, the periodic use of special ear drops (which are over-the-counter) is recommended to prevent the accumulation of wax in the ear.