Our service for doctors, is an accompaniment and guide through our medical visitor, who will be responsible for:

  • Attend a specific day and time in your office to make the presentation or recall of our products.
  • Explanation of each of the products handled by Otopharma, for the different ear or nasal problems that are more common in patients who come to your office.
  • Guide to the correct use of the different products we handle at Otopharma, as well as the different protocols in the product groups that are helpful, care and prevention.
  • Answers to all doubts about Otopharma or its products.
  • Delivery of physical information about the products, as well, as stickers with the location and number of Otopharma, so that patients make it easier to get the products.
  • Accompanying post visit in case you have any new doubt, or lack of physical material, or need for new stickers.
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