Remember that it is caused by the vibration of the tissues at the level of the throat or by obstruction in some part of the airway.

Causes: deflection of the septum, large cornets, nasal masses, rhinitis, sinusitis, enlargement of the uvula, chin, overweight, small and retracted chin.

The evaluation of the otorrhine is indispensable for an adequate treatment
Snoring may be alone or associated with OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNEA which is the absence of oxygenation for short periods of time while sleeping due to a collapse of the airway for seconds.

👉👉👉 If these episodes are repeated several times during the night the sleep is fragmented and does not allow the body to recover. As a result, the quality of life is altered for the patient and his partner. He wakes up tired, irritable, ill-tempered, low-concentration and long-term heart and brain problems due to lack of adequate oxygenation while sleeping.