Hearing and Youth

Noise hearing loss is 100% preventable.  Prolonged exposure to noise or loud sounds results in irreversible hearing loss, which is becoming more common in young people due to the daily and long-term use of hearing aids to listen to music, on the computer or cell phone.  The sound is measured in decibels, a normal conversation is at 60 db, a rock concert 108-114 db, discotheques 100 db or more, the siren of an ambulance 120 db, an mp3 music player has a maximum volume close to 105 db. Prolonged exposure to more than 85 db increases the risk of irreversible loss.

Recommendations to prevent hearing loss from noise:

  • Do not be exposed to 100 db noise for more than 15 minutes without having ear protector.
  • Constant exposure to 110 db sounds for more than a minute without protection increases the risk of permanent loss.
  • Rule 60/60 for players: Do not use more than one hour per day and with a volume below 60% of the maximum possible.
  • If it is possible to reduce the volume of electrical appliances what is more tolerated.
  • Visit the ENT if you feel ringing, beeping, noise intolerance that once seemed normal or hearing loss.
  • Perform preventive hearing tests if you are exposed to frequent noise or have a history of deafness in the family or other hearing problems such as infections.
  • Keep in mind that when the damage is starting from the damage neither the patient nor friends notice the hearing loss, but you may feel headache, tiredness, exhaustion, decreased ability to concentrate and attention.

Parents should teach their children to protect themselves from noise.